90 years old!!


no not me, though I do feel it this week! I just took delivery of this baby which I won on ebay last week…for the grand sum of 99p!!

She is in need of a little TLC but so far everything that should move does move (and a few things that shouldn’t move , do!) I’ve been suffering sewing machine envy this week as so many of my sewing friends have been getting various new machines! so this one goes a little way to help!! she was made in the Singer Clydebank factory in 1914 and I wish she could talk! I imagine all sorts have been sewn on her. the original (tiny!) manual is still with the machine! but it’s soaked in oil!! Fascinating though:-)

Ah well.. off to sew more stuff to sell so I can treat me to a shiny new embroidery machine!!


One Response to “90 years old!!”

  1. ;@}~ i keep eyeing up those old machines and thinking, if i only had a sewing room!


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