Almost there…

I’m not very good at this blog thing…! I’m either too busy to update or it’s too boring to document!!

How did it suddenly get to be a week to Christmas? I’m had a bit of a sewing drought this autumn, mainly doing bags and catching up on custom orders.. nice to be busy 🙂

I’m in the thick of pre Christmas sewing at the mo though… Just completed the Nephews’ Christmas presents, and am doing my children’s Christmas PJs now, and then it’s time for their CD outfits… a stocking to sew up for a friend, and then if that leaves any time I was going to redo stockings for my 3….. just lost a week though due to them all being ill.. and now I have a cold (sympathy please) Term ends today -so do I gain the time I normally spend on the school run, or lose time cos they’re all in my hair! When I was teaching I couldn’t break up early enough -now I wonder why they can’t keep them till Christmas Eve… no I don’t really but it’s tempting!!

Dh is taking the older 2 to the cinema on Monday.. I shall be doing my own Mrs Incredible impression at home. In the mean time… cards to write (failed miserably last year and no one got one at all, they probably all think we’ve fallen down a drain or got buried in the foundations of the extension -mind you they wouldn’t have known we were having that done as there were no cards….) things to plan, stuff to sew….

Oh and we have to get the tree this week too, the children are beginning to ask where it is?!

If I had my way it would wait till the 24th, but needless to say I’m outvoted on that one, and to be honest there’s more than enough going on on the 24th anyway! Good enough that we never do it before the end of term 🙂

right I’d better get on…


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