Off for a bath…

me, in a moment !
It’s been a good two days, 12 rellies on Saturday and 10 today, and I think I deserve a long soak! DH has been a star with all the washing up & drinks serving, and the children have behaved wonderfully, despite late night on Friday and needless to say a fairly early start on Saturday morning -not to mention the chocolate fueled excitement later on!!
The PJs were a great success – Ds kept saying ” mine blue…SNOWW”
and the proof of the pudding was in the wearing as far as the girls’ dresses went! They’ve worn them 2 days solid now šŸ™‚

The Nephews like their stuff too… well #2 Neph is only 10 mnoths so his mum did the liking for him! #1 Neph was very chuffed with his Thomas/James hoodie and left wearing it… I foresaw problems getting it off him later!

The bath awaits…
Merry Christmas

ps to avoid the leftover turkey tyranny.. cook Chicken! smaller , nicer and barely any leftovers! (leaves more fridge space too!) Goose for NYE…


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