Happy New Year!

Suffering from total & utter lack of sleep here! Got to bed at around 2am yesterday, but we have small children remember… yawn! It would have been fine if there had been a decent ” curl up under a blanket with a box of chocs” film on in the afternoon… but there wasn’t 😦
Sleeplessness compounded by being up with one of the aforementioned small children screaming with earache for most of last night 😦 poor lamb (her not me…really!)

Anyway -back to sewing, it’s an appalling picture, but believe you me, the low level “taken by a 7 year old” ones were worse! This was my End of Year sew for me.

This started off as Jalie 2005 -but as you can see has changed a lot along the way! I lengthened the sleeves and made them bell ended, lengthened the whole top to tunic length, adding in ease & shaping over the hips & bum! curved the bottom hem and gave it tennis tails. I redrafted the neckline totally to make the curved notch look -and it fits!. I mad ethis up in cotton interlock -kind of medium weight -and then dyed it made up.
Neckline close up


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