Chablis & Kettle Chips

that’s my supper.. oh yessssss…. the KC are saltless, if that wins me any points
I’m enjoying an uncharacteristic interlude in which all four children are asleep, now what I *should* be doing is finishing Ruthy’s costume for her school play. Thankfully she’s only a villager. What do I mean *only* -she’s a vital villager with lots to say – kind of Shop Floor Manager type villager, but I mean ” only” in the sense that it doesn’t involve a great palaver of a costume… I quote, ” croppped trousers and a plain T shirt” Just the thing for a sojourn in Sherwood Forest wouldn’t you say? No mention of colour. ( she’s getting dirty brown with artistically space dyed green grassstain-a-like blobs, didn’t think purple embroidered quite cut the mustard)
Can you tell that none of these teachers have children?! Parents have to be psychic these days…
The great thing about villagers’ trousers is they don’t need hemming… đŸ™‚ No, really… there were no coverhemmer machines in 13C Nottinghamshire.
Did I mention this play was something to do with Robin Hood?

Mr Fibre~fairy is back in the country! Where’s he been this time? Oh yes, Switzerland, he’s not too chuffed with being called Mr Fibre~fairy though, no more than I would with being called Mrs Petrol Head or something similar, but there you go!

brief interlude ended – Ben woke up and took 15 mins to settle again, I finished R’s trousers and hope they past muster with the teachers! and now I really ought to go to bed… tomorrow, as the great Mizz Scarlett said, is another day.
There’s something wrong with my time stamp and I can’t fix it… it’s showing an hour earlier than real life.. I’m not that sad as to go to bed an hour ago.. honest…


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