They think it’s all over…

Whoosh! looks like it came & went! School holidays began March 31st and they go back tomorrow! Wahhhhh why do they go so fast!
I spent the first weekend meeting up with some friends at the Sewing exhibition at NEC, very inspirational but not too spendy this year! More sock yarn, a little fabric, honest, I was really good!! That first week of the holidays was tainted by illness though -all the big three at one point or other -blah!
We had a few days at Granny’s in between ick, then suddenly it was last weekend and now it’s the end of this one!
So what have we done? The girls as you can see started knitting ( nearly typed knotting which might not be an altogether inappropriate typo, but actually they’re doing very well!) We’ve seen some friends, been to the zoo, chilled out a bit, done tons of craft stuff… usual kind of thing.


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