Random Musings on flooring…

It’s Sunday , its late, the ironing’s done, I’m doing this as displacement cos my baby starts school tomorrow ( yes, not *the* baby Obviously… ( durr…as the girls would say) but he’s still my baby..) anyway I thought I’d treat you to the random thoughts I had this week about floors.
You know how people say that hard floors are ” less work” than carpets? well I think that’s rubbish personally ( and I speak as a hard floor keeper) With carpets you hoover and you’re done, unless someone spills something especially nasty on it.. ugh, then every what? 6 mths? a year? 4 mths? I have NO idea… you get the carpet cleaners in and they get rid of the build up.
Now if you have a hard floor you hoover, or you brush, and then you wash it, if you don’t do the washing part, that build up of muck ( the stuff the carpet cleaners deal with) well it builds up, and hard floors don’t hang onto it like carpet does, so *you* have to do the work.. often….
ask me how I know, I have a crawling baby ( yes *the* baby) the other week I was busy, the floor didn’t get mopped for 2 days, – just hoovered, the floors looked ok, but he crawled round and he was filthy, yuckity yuck…
Just think though -if I had carpet, all that dirt ( & more ) would still be there, just unseen…bleurgh… I mean it’s not as if you suddenly have less dirt just cos you have carpets is it? so it has to be there …somewhere…lurking…think I’d rather have the mopping to do 🙂 so, inconclusion, ( if you’re still awake..) hard floors – unforgiving but So much nicer… don’t you think?!

Normal service will now be resumed.


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