On the Second Day of Christmas…

or is it the third? does Christmas Eve count as the first?… anyway…
I finally get to post my Christmassy makes & stuff ( always a risk some lucky recipient will stumble upon a picture of their present before the Big day ( though judging by comments on bloggers by my dad & brother today they wouldn’t be reading ” self obsessed, self publicists” I think was the phrase they used πŸ˜‰

It’s been a good Advent, I usually lurch along, swinging between being Little Donkey ( plodding onwards with my heavy load…)and the Alternative Shepherds (washing socks) and somehow manage to concentrate only on what is being prepared for rather than the act of preparation. For no known reason this year has been much less stressy, and actually a really lovely run up to Christmas. I can thoroughly recommend this book for a thought provoking read, my older 2 and I have really enjoyed reading it.

so, back to the fibres πŸ™‚
I made a couple of Knitty Knecklaces for my mum & my SIL,
Mum’s was done in Debbie Bliss’s Pure Silk and beaded too ( my addition) threading on the zillion of beads to start with was a bit of a pain, but the results were worth it.

SILs version was in Twilleys Freedom Spirit in a colourway whose name now escapes me!
checking here I see it’s “Energy”

Two ribbed hats to my own pattern were for my brothers – ably modelled by one of them here!
They’re again in Twilleys Freedom Spirit “Force” and “Earth” They were knit double stranded and were extremely well received – apparently they are nice and long over the ears ( a rare thing in a hat I was told!)

I’d also done a 1 Hour scarf for MIL but I didn’t get a picture of that – nice colours though πŸ™‚

Ruthy has the knitting bug again having got a book and some more yarn for Christmas:-) she’s doing really well following someone else’s instructions too! much better than me trying to show her sometimes.
I was saying to my mum yesterday that I can’t remember learning to knit – so I assume I was pretty young, whether it was mum or Granny or someone else who taught me I have NO idea! Knowing me it was a book & self teaching – Ruthy is so like me sometimes!

I did a bit of sewing in December too – PJs mostly, I need to get pictures of those, so watch this space.

It’s time for bed said Zebedee…


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