Can I go to bed yet please?
How come I stay up till past 12 on a regular basis getting stuff done and I’m fine, but sure as eggs are ovoid shaped pale brown things, come Jan 1st I’m shattered!!
This morning I actually felt quite energised, the sun was shining and it was a lovely bright crisp morning as we drove back from the friends with whom we spent last night – but now it’s cold dark wet & windy and I don’t feel so enthusiastic!! I’ve just gone round putting all the lights on and cranking up the heating and it feels a bit more cheerful, so..

Anyway – talking of eggs _ i’m off to make eggy bread for the children’s tea and persuade Dh we can get a Chinese to eat in front of the Vicar of Dibley later!

Happy New 2007 to you anyway – hope you enjoy what it brings!


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