The Weekend

We had a great weekend just gone – there were a few “moments”, like driving 4 hours in a car with broken air-con in 27 deg muggy heat – and Charlie having some sort of virusy ear inflammation thing that made him hot, tired and a bit vommitty (all the way home for 3 1/2 hours in a car with broken air-con :-D)I did manage to get quite a bit of knitting done en route there though!

We went all that way oop norf to see Ruthy’s Godparents and to celebrate her G’father’s Installation to his new parish (makes him sound like a boiler ) he was also Licenced ( like a pub) -Anglican jargon is just fabulous!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon having done the Swimming/ballet/frantic stressed packing thing at home most of the morning, the new Vicarage is very impressive – easy peasy to lose 6 children in it and have a cup of tea in peace! the trampoline in the covetably flat ( can you tell ours isn’t?) garden went down a treat too.

Dinner, wine, chat and catch up and it was time for bed ( *very* disturbed night cos of Charlie feeling poorly 😦 poor lamb. )

Sunday brought food mountains for all the lunch guests – Mr FF was a stalwart at carrot chopping and then the Main Event at 3pm – it was a fantastic service, the ( huge) church was packed with friends, family and parishioners from jobs old & new.There was a wonderful sense of welcome and of this really being the start of a great ministry for M&H, we felt honoured to be part of it, I found it ( positively) challenging for me personally too – lots of food for thought.

C was a star -he seemed much better and coped remarkably well… relapse was later 😦

thankfully our lot had an INSET day on Monday so Sunday night was a collapse in front of the prerecorded Canadian Grand Prix. I didn’t see it all, but the end was phenomenal ( in between my 2nd sock casting on!) I am a closet petrol head (shh don’t tell) and though I prefer the smell of engine oil in the flesh to watching it on TV, you couldn’t help but be impressed – that boy ( face it, he’s a boy!) is going to go far! We then did some finishing off of the food mountain and drank a bit more wine, and had more chance to catch up, before we left reasonably leisurely on Monday morning ( roads were astoundingly busy though 😦 ) no knitting this time as I was dealing with C, and big brickbats to the broken coffee machine at Cherwell Valley services… I *needed* a latte then!

all in all a very good – if tiring weekend, it’s always good to see friends, and this was an extra special time.

Charlie’s better now! he’s been off school today – but boy is he going back tomorrow!


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