Freecycle – argh!

Great idea – , no, fan*TASTIC* idea,

so why is it such a pain and why are so many mods so totally jobsworth –

we’ve had some bizarre exchanges – we’re in the grey area between several groups, and you’d think I’d tried to post in Newcastle (we’re kinda in the South of England..) the way I got treated by one Mod for posting in a group whose boundaries are literally 2 miles from us. DH posted today and didn’t meeet the exacting standards for subject headings (capitalization if you’re interested..) the mod’s email to him pointing this out was quite frankly unreadable – text speak, no punctuation, no caps (!!) mispelled…blah

WTH was that about then? how hard is it to *encourage* people rather than give them unreadable emails or abusive insults?

I’m sure there are loads of lovely FC mods around ( I know there are, I know some of them! you know who you are!!) but there’s a real example of what happens when you give someone a little bit of authority here…

and don’t get me started on the FC users who are trying to blag laptops & widescreen TVs… it’s not what it’s about guys….!

all that said I much prefer FCing things to Ebaying them… (well unless I find an extremely rare item worth millions in my attic of course, but the general stuff I’d rather give away)


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