Flaming June

of course the title is ironic…

rain, winds, flooding…what happened to summer?

We had the School summer Fete on Friday evening – the last few years this has been a scorcher – great for sitting drinking PImms, not so great for chasing small children around, however we were on tenterhooks this year as the rain seemed to lash down every so often with monotonous regularity including one spectacular downpour of Noahaic ( see I just made up a word) proportions at lunchtime!

BUT from 3pm till past 8 not a drop of rain fell 🙂 Everything seemed to go off smoothly, the BBQ ran out of the bacon & sausages, despite the extra kilos we’d ordered, Pimms & beer flowed, my children behaved beautifully even when their money ran out, and Charlie snagged the bargain to end all bargains for a 5 year old boy – he bought a large sized Thunderbird 2 toy, ( like this one)

complete with Pod and TB 4 and *all* the minute figures, in fab ( haha) condition , all for 50p! They go for up to £20 or more on Ebay! Bless him he was SO chuffed 🙂

A sucessful evening all round 🙂

Yesterday was a ballet/swimming/party/party sort of day , followed by today which was Fathers’ Day -Mr FF got pancakes cooked for his breakfast and presents of chocolate and beer plus some herbs in pots made at Brownies The rest of the day consisted of ballet exam/party/ collapse in small heap and do not much – how Sundays should be really!!

I went to church tonight and left Mr FF to bath small people, Ben was most reluctant to go to sleep thouc ( I was back by then) but we eventually persuaded him – insomniac 2 year olds are not my idea of fun by Sunday night!

This term gets busier and busier as it goes on, lets hope we see a bit of sunshine in the next few weeks though 🙂


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