Still raining..

Poor Charlie was off to the farm today with school… ” will there be mud mum?” <eyes gleam>

“errr yes I should think so!:-)” and a bit of other stuff too no doubt! <clears washing machine for 4pm onslaught…>

I had my usual small “grrrr” at school this morning though – they do lots of good stuff about reuse/recycle, grow their own veggies etc, but today for the trip they asked for all lunches to be sent in in throwaway bags/containers – so I sent C’s in in a good old brown paper lunch bag ( Mr FF brings me back supplies from the US)

when he got to school the teacher took it & put it in a plastic carrier bag ARGH

yes I know it was easier for them to be able to hang them on their pegs, and to carry them, and it was raining…

but it’s another unnecessary bit of plastic being chucked in a bin today isn’t it… <sigh>

ooh the sun came out for a second there… hold that thought 🙂


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