on which planet…?

Do people think it’s acceptable to park in a parent & child space with no children in the car?

I just watched as a professional 40-something woman in a smart car ( that’s a nice flashy sort of car not Noddy’s French cousin’s car ) pulled into the just vacated P&C space next to mine, fiddled about putting her sat-nav away, got out and walked into the shops – I called ” excuse me” after her having ascertained she didn’t have a child hidden under a seat or in the boot, but she didn’t hear or ignored me…

so I ripped a page out my diary and wrote her a note which was way too polite in the circumstances but might make her think.

It wasn’t as if the space was a) the only free one in the car park or b) closest to the shops

or that her car was so particularly huge to need a wider space.


On a related note I really wish they’d put the P&C spaces somewhere as far from the shops as possible to discourage this lazy parking – there’s a reason Disabled spaces are near the shops quite rightly- but on the whole, so long as there is a trolley park nearby and a pathway from P&C area to the shop there is no need for the spaces to be near the door…

ah well… 🙂


One Response to “on which planet…?”

  1. flutterbyski Says:

    except when it’s absolutely tipping it down 😦 but other than that, no there’s no reason at all to have them nearby. it’s space we need not close proximity to shop. (sorry typing one handed without introducing myself to you!)

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