I hate making curtains, passionately, with fervour, they’re a pig to get straight, unforgiving, and they need hand hemming…ugh

However I’m also cheap, and I can’t bear to *buy* things that ought to be so simple to make ( but there is a reason RTH curtains are so expensive!!)

I have had this fabric waiting for Ruthy’s room for a year at least – and its companion fabric waiting for Kate’s…
I bought PURPLE blackout fabric on ebay and proceded to trip over the bolt of it for months, finally I knuckled down and I got them done…
of course they’re not perfect, but you can’t see that, and she doesn’t know 😉 and done is better than perfect in this case!
Spooky thing is the last set of curtains I made properly ( ie I’m not counting sticking headertape on a bedspread for the curtains in our room and other creative endeavours) were done for Ruthy’s room 10 years ago, just before she was born… and some of those are the ones that were in her room here temporarily until this afternoon…


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