Miss Potter Mittens

These are from a pattern in Yarn Forward – Autumn 07, they’re designed to have a picot edging on the top & bottom & the thumb edges . I did the first mitten with the picot edging and didn’t like the effect at all – it was too “in the way” and frilly frilly for me – I felt they’d just flap and catch on stuff and annoy me. I guess a smaller tighter picot might have worked, but I quite liked the way it looked with a plain CO/CO when I started the second one, so I frogged the edges of the first. I made these quite long in the wrist and still got the two out of one skein of 6ply Sophia. The other way I deviated from the pattern was the thumb gusset – rather than counting all the time I just eyeballed the place where I wanted it and did the increasing by eye rather than by count, that was easy to do within the patterning and reading some other comments it seems that that was a good thing to do as tehre seem to be errors in the pattern at this point – which is maybe why it didn;t seem obvious to start with! I found this a really quick & easy knit , progress was only hindered by Christmas!- may have to do some more 🙂


One Response to “Miss Potter Mittens”

  1. Lovely mitts 🙂

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