Spring Snow

the meteorological events of today have jumped the blog queue – the posts in draft will arrive sometime when I get old pics off DHs’ laptop, but for now SNOW!

We never have snow here, well about once in 6 or 7 years. We’re on a hill but near the coast, so anything other than a pure north wind produces sleet and mess and seagulls trying to escape the worst.

However today this was the view that greeted us from our bedroom window at 8am ( the other miracle was that no smalls woke till 7.55!) half an hour later there was about 2 inches more snow our there.


This was Ben’s first experience of snow ( at nearly 3… that’s global warming for you…) and he was in turns mystified, cold, hysterically excited and non-plussed

J's first snow
by 9am when I dragged them in for breakfast we’d made a jolly good job of messing up all that pretty whiteness, it was still snowing when we walked to church at 9.40 but by midday the roads were all completely clear, lots of fun without too much disruption! Snow at its best!
all messed  up!


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