Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!

How good does that look?

It’s been one of those “been a long week” weeks that at the same time seem to have gone really fast, they;re usually fairly exhausting!

We began with Mr FF’s birthday on Monday, because he’d been away for most of the preceding 2 weeks he had a day off in lieu due, so we had lunch out at the pub just the two of us which was lovely.

He got lots of lovely presents – bits for his car, CDs, chocolate, a lubbly shirt from Boden from my mum & dad, and some daft things like an inflatable camping chair and a solar shower, because he is on record as worrying what he’s going to do about his hair when we’re camping!!

Tuesday & Wednesday I had meetings at church, and last night I went out for a friend’s birthday, we ate *far* too much curry, but it was fun 🙂

In between of course has been all the usual running around to stand still and finally getting finished the written work that has to be handed in with all my sponsorship papers, I still have no idea if I achieved anything like the right sort of thing, but it’s far too late to be worrying about that now! Next thing is to start on the presentation & discussion prep.

However, tonight I’m looking forward to Have I got News For You, and maybe some recreational sewing – I haven’t done anything for yonks and I’m feeling the need. Oh and a Crunchie would go down well too…


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