Sofa makeover

Amy Butler cushions

We have two lovely squishy dark blue sofas, they weren’t new to us but they’re great and they work really well in our sitting room, but I was thinking they were looking a little jaded .
I’m now part way ( normal washing of clothes gets in the way ) through a wash & redye of all the loose covers ( loose is a bit of a misnomer though to be honest – they take a bit of tugging off, and on again)
As well as the seat and back cushions, they came with quite a few scatter type cushions, which are *well* named in our house –
Along with the redyeing I bought several FQs of Amy Butler prints and made very simple cushion covers for them all, they’re different prints on each side as you can see, and very simple indeed – I was going to put zips in and then thought that easy as that it it was complicating the process too much, so they’re slip stitched on, simple enough to rips out & re-do if & when they need a wash!!
I’m really pleased – I got the ecclectic look I was after 🙂 Now I just need to find the right fabric to make curtains.


5 Responses to “Sofa makeover”

  1. Now you know I love these don’t you? It goes without saying really doesn’t it? What colour did you dye the sofa covers?
    Love Jeanette

  2. fibrefairy Says:

    I just redyed them navy, but added some violet to make them a bit richer – did think about just using violet on the faded navy but thought it might be less versatile – we’re going to be living with them for a long while still and I’m bound to want to change the surroundings, knowing me!

  3. Victoria Says:

    Did you manage to get the covers in your washing machine? I’ve been meaning to dye mine for the last 12 months – but haven’t got around to it because I didn’t think I’d get it right in the machine and couldn’t be bothered to dye them in the bath – brown dye on limescale didn’t appeal!

  4. fibrefairy Says:

    yes but a) in small batches and I haven’t done the main cover for the 4 seater yet…
    and b) I was only overdyeing navy onto faded navy, so any slight blotchiness is not apparent – I’d not be so keen to actually re-colour something of that size in the machine though.

  5. waow fantastis sofas.


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