Denim & Amy Butler rucksac

denim rucksac -flap pocket side

I’d had this in my head for a while – juggling everything everyday means that a hands free bag is a good plan – but most rucksacs leave me cold . Except this one 🙂 I wanted lots of pockets ( but I still can never remember which one I put my keys in!) and something sturdy, (denim) but funky (Amy Butler) I had hoped I’d have enough from my FQ packs after making the cushions, and I did 🙂

The pockets are lined with killington flannel that’s dyed a light turquoise, I sewed those RST, turned and topstiched to the bag for the neatest effect ( especially as my overlocker is still hors de combat) One side has a zipped pocket, the other a flapped patch pocket, inside is one zipped pocket and several small pockets that fasten with velcro ( almost used magnetic fasteners and then thought as my phone & mp3 player etc live in those that was less than sensible). The main bag is lined with striped cord, but only to 3 or 4 inches from the top, so the whole channel is in denim and has no seams, for durability. Round the inside of the channel is hand stitched ( I know!) another print, just for fun. Straps are denim and knotted together into loops stitched into the side seams of the bag, I left the ends raw as to finish them in denim would have looked bulky and odd, and I quite like the frayed look. The bottom of the bag is box seamed for shape. So far so good, it’s working well , lots of positive comments too 🙂
denim rucksac inside zipped pocketinside pockets


2 Responses to “Denim & Amy Butler rucksac”

  1. thats really lovely – taking commisions?

  2. Love the bag ! I’ve just cut out a jacket in that stripey cord. ;0)

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