Playing catch up

finally finishing & publishing half done posts, trying to get thoughts in order.

By coincidence catch up was what Ruthy & I were playing on Sunday morning! we did Race for Life, a rash plan it seemed! the training we had thought we’d do kind of went out of the window due to all the ” stuff” happening, and so it was with some trepidation that we set off with some friends on Sunday!

Ruthy and her friend didn’t want anything to do with me once the race started, so I struck out alone, our other friends went off with the definite runners and definite walkers, I was undecided…

In the end I ran most of it 🙂 – did the first 2k and knew i was ahead of R and her mate! they’d been doing that amble/sprint, amble/sprint thing that children do, and I just can’t cope with! 2 -3.5 K was hard and I walked more of it than I should have done, the girls caught up with me at 3.5 ish and dashed off ahead! I was very glad to see the 4k sign,and managed to find some energy to run almost all the last k, 34 mins, which was pretty encouraging, even if a 10 year old beat me by a couple of mins!


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