velvet bag

I made this this mornig – bit of displacement activity, but it was on the urgent ” to do” list as we’re going to a wedding tomorrow evening! My dress is black with green spots.
I bought the devore from Ebay, it was ivory and I planned to dye it – the silk base took acid dye really well, but the pile was obviously not silk, so I double dyed it with a reactive dye to darken the pattern too. I was assuming it was a viscose, and it probably is!
( needless to say that wasn’t also this morning!)
The pattern is from Ottobre, and is really simple – but it was nice to know it would work first time.
I ummed & ahhed about the trim. The pattern calls for sewing it on in the flat, but I destroyed some of it trying to do that with the machine – too fragile so I left it to hand sew at the end if I thought it improved things. It was a close thing as the simple effect without it was lovely too, but I leant towards the trim, and a quick online straw poll confirmed it!

The lining is lilac dupion silk.

I wanted something fairly light coloured to avoid losing things in it, and though it isn’t visible in use I do love purple & green in combo!
I also made a quick box pouch to go with it,

for small essentials.

Now bring on the party – and Huge congratulations to E & J



2 Responses to “velvet bag”

  1. Gorgeous lovliness!

  2. beautiful. the colors are fantastic. i *need* to try that purse pattern, as i love all things ottobre

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