Send down the Holy Spirit….

I love those words from the ordination service;

Send down the Holy Spirit on your servant N
for the office and work of a priest in your Church.

Not least because it was those words at the very first priesting of women in 1994 that God used to speak to me ( via the good old BBC) about what he wanted *me* to do too, and so here I am, preparing to start training to do just that.

Today was the priesting of a very special woman, M, who has been a real support to me over the last year, and in fact longer. she was the first person here that I spoke to about the possibility that I kind of might have been thinking that God was maybe possibly calling me to this too…! that was four years ago at the party after her ordination as deacon. Since I got serious about it last summer, she has been unfailingly supportive & encouraging. The service this morning in the Cathedral was fantastic , so full of joy and humour and God:-) I said to M afterwards that it was possibly the first ordination service that I have been to in ooh 20 years that I haven’t sat through arguing with God and myself! It was so lovely to be there knowing that I was in the right place on my journey, and to feel that peace – and also the excitement! The Cathedral was of course packed, even though there were only 8 to be ordained priest today. The sermon was excellent – 2 Corinthians 4 about being jars of clay. It was a great service, and it was also lovely to see some of the people who I’ve met with in the last year and to talk with them, that was very encouraging! One of them, who I had only had one meeting with back in January was so pleased I’d been recommended, and said how he’d felt at our meeting that it was the right thing for me! My vocations chaplain was also there and she was just fantastically encouraging too!

This evening M presided at communion for the first time, at our church, a full house, another very special service and a small party afterwards! Today was the first day that my recommendation had been officially announced too – I got a large space on the back of the pew leaflet !! so I had a lot of people wanting to talk to me about it! – it’s been a great day,


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