so, other than some word arty stuff that isn’t posting properly ( darn 3rd party hosting!) how has it got to be October without a post since the summer?!

plenty reasons – but here’s a whistle stop tour

End of term shenanigans – the children’s of course and then 


Ruthy had a week of dance school  and then we were off to  the New Wine Summer conference at Shepton Mallet -given the summer we’d had so far the prospect of a week in the Uk in a tent was not inspiring every single member of the family it did have to be said! We got the tent up in the dry, and after that the best that could be said about the weather is that it didn;t rain all the time – in fact some days the sun even shone, but never for long enough to dry up the MUD.

All that aside we had a fantastic week with two other families from church – all the children really enjoyed their groups and learnt loads, the older ones revelled in the amount of freedom they had to come & go on their bikes, and we adults were encouraged, challenged and thoroughly blessed! It’s been 14 years since MrFF & I were at New Wine so this was the first time we’d been en famille.

Home to dry out and  2 1/2 days to turn around and then off to France with tent again. This time the weather smiled on us, we had ten days of warm and sunny weather, on the Vendee coast, days on the beach, BBQs with friends, showers at night or in the early morning, and the whole time the raincoats never made it out of the bag in the car 🙂 We all came back browner and more relaxed, the site was small and friendly. We were camping with John & May and their children, and later in the holiday some other mutual friends joined us. Uncle Si was there for the first 4 days too so the company was great. A Good Holiday.

Back  home and this time it was Kate’s turn to be active, with a week at the stables riding from 10 – 4 every day on an “own a pony” week. She had a fantastic week, won Best Showjumper in her group and was devastated when she had to say goodbye to Henry, “her” pony!

and then it was back to school… Year 6, 5, 2 and the last year of preschool…oh and me, back to college!!


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