“interest”ing thoughts

 I read this yesterday. I applaud the boldness and the willingness to speak out against the greed that to my mind is so much part & parcel of this current crisis, greed of the banks for profit, greed of the consumer to have and have more, and spend what they do not have yet. I am not an economist, my grasp of the  principles is  basic, but it seems that building an ecomony on credit and “castles in the air” must lead to the collapse,  it’s what a friend of mine described as a candy floss economy. A house of cards built on sand. I don’t know enough about economic mechanics to know how  you claw that back and whether a non interest system would work today, but I know we are all culpable in some way, it isn’t ” them ” & “us”.

 I spent yesterday on a study day on  Issues in Contemporary Ministry;  there was much food for thought on these issues as you might expect, and   the sense of a definite need for repentence of our part, wittingly or unwittingly in  this mess we all face at the moment.


One Response to ““interest”ing thoughts”

  1. It makes perfect sense that an economy built on debt cannot be sustained. It comes down to personal responsibility. The problem is that it is an easy situation to be sucked in to. There will be people in churches across the land who are struggling and worried and feel too ashamed to tell anybody. Greed is a sin like any other and Christ’s blood is sufficient. Hopefully this crisis will make people turn to him – the big cats in the city included. Repentance is definitely the answer – well put!

    Great article in the Guardian. Bold stuff indeed!

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