Sometimes life just isn’t simple

It’s the little things that eventually get to you – like today, I had a clearish day, except that I had to take Kate to the dentist in the middle of it. So a little bit of work, go and collect her from school, hold her hand under drill fire and back to work for the afternoon. Yes, well that was the plan.

My car won’t start.

The dentist is 12 miles away

There is one bus an hour if you’re lucky, it takes over an hour and then there’s a 20 minute walk.

The appointment is in 55 mins

My car still won’t start.

So I came indoors and phoned school, and the dentist, and the garage.I cleared up the kitchen, and did some laundry and thought I’d sit down & work. Then the phone rang, it was my friend G telling me that pre-school was shutting because the loos had frozen!! ( yes it’s funny, Ben thought it was hilarious when he was telling me later)

I must have sounded slightly stressed because she offered to have Ben for the afternoon – I told her I shouldn’t even have been at home if my car had started. At this point I’m still waiting for the garage to call me back.

So back to some work, but my concentration has been shot, and it’s not very effective, so I do some more laundry so that I am at least achieving something out of the day.

I go up to school and pick up 5 assorted children, only 3 of whom are mine, deliver them back to their homes and pick up Ben from G’s, bumping into one of his pre-school teachers on the way who cheerfully tells me that pre-school is shut tomorrow too and ” we don’t know about Friday yet”

The men from the garage eventually arrive to pick up my car, they get it to start (typical!) but want to take it in to check it over, in theory this is fine by me as I don’t want to be stranded somewhere when it won’t start again, but I’ve just realised that tomorrow is fairly scuppered too – no car = can’t get to library, no preschool = have Ben home anyway. Mum and Dad are planning to come down for the afternoon to field children so I can work. I won’t be escaping to a quiet library but maybe I can salvage something!!


One Response to “Sometimes life just isn’t simple”

  1. Is the car working yet? I hope so! I tagged you BTW. Photo tag – a bit of fun for the New Year!!
    Genius Academy xxx

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