Photo Tag

 I’ve just been tagged by Phillipa at The Genius Academy;

Photo tag,  here are the rules;

1.  Take your fourth picture folder

2.  Fourth picture–no exceptions!

3.  Post it, and tell about it.

4.  Tag four more people

So here’s my photo
A cot – more specifically a bedside cot, the side nearest the bed swings up & over  so that  it becomes and extension of the bed. It is one of the photos I took when we were selling it at the end of last year. It had been next to our bed – with the side swung  round since Ben was a newborn and we needed the space for him as Charlie was still in situ in the middle of the bed! It was quite sad selling it, end of an era sort of stuff ( though it has to be said Ben still has a night time homing skill for our bed!) but it went to a good home!
I am tagging
Jeanette at Lazy Seamstress
Gaynor at Navigating by the stars
Leah at Priests and Parents    and
Jane at Trying to Find Me
Have fun!

One Response to “Photo Tag”

  1. Ah it is a bit sad selling the baby things but there is so much more fun to come!

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