Bagging up the chaos

hanging storage bagshanging bags

 I made these storage bags out of some FQs I had sitting around, they hang under the  shelf in the hall and contain all the chaos that otherwise sits *on* the shelf; hairbrushes, scrunchies, sunglasses, hairbands etc…
storage bags

 They are ridiculously quick to make, about 10 mins sewing time each; unlined, french seamed. so they kind of counted as study breaks!


I also made Kate this lunch bag – she has a Laptop Lunch box which is great, but doen’t fit things like apples in  it, so she wanted a bag that would hold her lunch box and her fruit, they have to put their lunch on a cart that gets taken to the lunch hall, and loose apples don’t go down well!

I made a very similar simple bag, and added a box pleated and elasticated pocket on the side which nicely holds an apple and  a juice box 🙂 job done. The great thing is that if it gets messy it will wash & dry in no time. Fabric by Ikea!


3 Responses to “Bagging up the chaos”

  1. Those bags are all lovely, great idea too.

  2. love the pocket on the side for apples and juice!!

  3. timgoodbody Says:

    Hi fibrefairy thank you for your comment on Friends’ Meeting House.
    My daughter makes bags from recycled material so I will be sending a link to your blog to her.

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