Blue Monday? could have been here!

 Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year – it’s based on some calculations about light and time since Christmas, and credit card bills and general malaise – oh and it being Monday. I have heard of it before but today I wasn’t aware of it being today until I was recounting my day to a friend and she reminded me –

Anyway, nothing of my day has anything to do with credit card bills or daylight or even it being Monday –  and it hasn’t sent me into the pits of despair, but it has been one of those days you’d rather not repeat in a hurry.

Mondays are one of Ben’s full days at preschool, so a full work day for me, however I knew that today would have a couple of hours out of the middle to take Kate for some repair work at the dentist,, only I’d forgotten that I’d booked a Pilates class, so I had to cancel that:-(

Next  Ben woke up with a small spot on his face having got infected – gah 3 year olds and their ability to lick their chins! That means no preschool for him. Already my day was looking more complicated than I’d like, and all thoughts of study are floating out the window. Ruthy said she felt a bit sick, but ate breakfast and went off to school anyway. Charlie was way too excited that it was now only one sleep till his birthday, so  that was ok.

At home I managed to write about 3 sentences, none of which bore any relation to the previous one, while entertaining Ben, then we went off to fetch Kate and drive to the dentist. The highlight here was finding a parking space that didn’t involve a 3 mile uphill walk, or scraping my car along  unseen 6 inch walls. Out we came and found a message on my phone ominously labelled “School”. This can only mean Ruthy isn’t well. She was still feeling icky and school with as much phobia of vomiting as I have ( and that’s saying quite a lot) wanted her gone. Kate was feeling very sore now as her anaesthetic wore off, plus she faced another 2 hours before she could eat anything, so I collected Ruthy and took them both home. Pretty good going by 1.30 on Monday to have 3/4 of the children at home!

At 2 I had to phone the doctors to get an appointment for Ben, praying it wouldn’t be at 3.30pm I hung on hold for a nice longwhile, and then got one for 5.30. Great Mr FF can do that then, he’d said he  could get out of the office early ” if needed” well he is!

By this time Ruthy had eaten something and was feeling miles better, Kates lip was back in  contact with her nervous system and Ben was playing bowling on the Wii. I snuck into the kitchen and iced Charlies birthday cake while peace reigned…ooh for 5 minutes until they realised I’d trimmed bits off the cake to get the right shape ( no you can’t see it, it’s not finished!) I got it hidden before Charlie arrived home with a neighbour -result!

Mr FF got home about 5 and whisked Ben off to the docs – it was that or cook supper, I managed supper and some more essay, and have managed a few more words this evening – it’s not flowing well, mainly I think because it’s last terms leftover assignment ( yes I do have an offical extension!) and I’d just like it done now.

I’ve got Ben off  tomorrow at least now, and most probably Wednesday, so there’s more midnight oil to be burnt. Tomorrow, as they say, is another day though, and I can’t believe it’s 7 years since Charlie was born on the bathroom floor – but that, as they also say, is another story!


One Response to “Blue Monday? could have been here!”

  1. Big hugs Fibrefairy!! I won’t tell you about my fab Monday! x x

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