Generally I love the school my children go to, it’s ten minutes from our house, part of the village community, a lovely happy caring school, and the Outstanding OFSTED report is the icing on the cake. Occasionally though I need to RANT!

Like this week, Charity Fun Day – excellent! Fun and Charity; what a great mix, a chance for them all to go mad with silly clothes and baked bean footbaths, what could be better?( and that’s just the teachers!)

But why oh why make the dressing up part a competition? Just WHY?

All the pressure is then on, children put pressure on their parents to sort their hair or costumes, they get upset at the thought of not winning, or turn on their friends in a spirit of ” Mine’s going to be better than yours”

Where’s either the fun or the charity in that?

We don’t even have a competitive sports day for the Infant children, and then we get this…gah!

And we all know that the prizes ought to go to the parents anyway… there’s always one hanging round by every classroom asking you 4 days ahead whether Little Billy’s got his costume ready, and by the way is he on level 937 of the reading scheme yet as Little Lucy is!

See the pressure isn’t even coming from the school, it’s other parents! and then it just gets infectious, but making it a comp in the first place gives those parents the chance to get  all hyped about it in my opinion. But then again maybe they’d get uber competitive anyway? Whatever, can’t bear it!

I shall step off my soapbox and make room for some of the large queue of other parents who are waiting to step up to the mike, while hearing all my home-edding readers say “told you so..”! Well maybe… but then it would be *me* in the baked beans, and that I think is a step too far!


2 Responses to “ranting”

  1. I hope that feels better fibrefairy – I’m right with you on all points!

  2. I don’t think it is just in school. Parents are competitive and it is a shame when we could all be supporting each other. I totally understand your frustration.
    As for the Home Edders, we are all a pretty tired bunch right now. January is a tough time for us too!
    Anyway, the fancy costume is going to get ruined with all the beans…. 🙂

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