Weekend sewing


I made this bag on Saturday evening as the fabric for it had arrived on Friday and I was a bit twitchy to do it – it made a nice break!
It’s inspired by Amy Butlers Chelsea bag but the construction and size are all mine – the ones she has are tall & narrow and wide & shallow, neither shape appealed but I wanted something to carry round and be easy access – great for meetings or college, to grab a diary or notebook. It fits my diddy laptop beautifully too!
I enjoyed making it – I hadn’t done anything much for so long. I used Timtex for the outer interfacing, but it was the non fusible type which made life a little more interesting keeping everything together – I deliberatly didn’t seam it in with the fabric to avoid bulk, so I cut it a S/a narrower than the fashion fabric and sewed right upto it – this would have been easier with fusible – the 505 didn’t really hold it well enough or long enough! The lining is lined with fusible fleece, much easier to work with! I don’t know why but I always end up with linings just that little bit too baggy! This is where a nice tight false bottom comes in handy! (stop laughing!) I made one with 3 layers of timtex covered with fabric and it holds everything together perfectly.
As you can see the handles flex a fair bit in use ( pictures were taken after a couple of days) Maybe some firm plastic canvas or similar round the window would be good another time. I don’t know if the original advises this or not.
On Monday we had the first of two snow days, and while it was impossible to study with a houseful of snow-hyped children I did manage to sew again – this little zipped and lined pouch –


it has clear plastic pockets on the outside and credit card sized ones inside. It’s ig enough for keys and lip balm as well. I loved doing this – loads of fiddling about prepping tiny bits before it came together, but it was perfect for a bitty sort of a day. Kate did some sewing too, when she’s finished I’ll post her bag  pictures as well.

here are some other pictures -I really must find somewhere decent in the house to take photos – the light is terrible round here!


4 Responses to “Weekend sewing”

  1. Can you tell me where to get those nice tight false bottoms – I could do with one of those! Beautiful bags, fibrefairy, makes my fingers itchy!

  2. qualityten Says:

    Hi, no comment on the sewing, but I can identify with the feeling of being twitchy to make something and the nice break ‘making’ provides.

  3. I have this pattern but haven’t got round to making it yet, may just dig it out after seeing yours! Lovely, I made the Berry shopper, that was a challenge!

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