Holy Twitterings Batman!

 I was fascinated, entertained and enlightened by the amount of electronic social networking emerging from General Synod  the other week – and yes it’s taken me this long to get around to talking about it –

It seemed there was blogging  live from the press gallery (Ruth Gledhill and Dave Walker). Twittering all over the show and much blog activity* from those in the Synod and those following it closely. Peter Ould  is currently blogging some responses  from those who voted no in the Uniqueness of Christ debate, and wrote a far better piece on the twitter’n’blog phenomenon than I am managing!

* I have to apologise to all those who blogged about or from Synod and  to whom I haven’t linked – I could go on…!

It brought it home to me how much the church seems embracing the abilityto communicate with people in all sorts of new ways, this Lent you will be able to recieve daily messages from @C_of_E on Twitter or perhaps @blessedaltw will help you  in your Lenten meditations. I believe the Pope is sending text messages to Austrian Catholics this year. The Live Life Love Lent campaign is on Facebook for the second year running. 

I’m liking it – I think it brings challenges, and requires thought, but  if it’s aiding communication within and about churchand faith, then it’s looking good to me.


One Response to “Holy Twitterings Batman!”

  1. Thanks for all this info FF!

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