Blogging on belief, thoughts on theology…

 I read a lot of blogs written by a lot of very different people, blogging about their faith, their take on theology, the world, life,  liturgy and everything inbetween. I find it fascinating and enlightening to be able to observe and take part in all sorts of discussions, some of which kick start my own thinking, or clarify something I’ve been reading or dwelling on already. 

I’m in the process of  updating my blogroll  with a new category “figuring it out” with some of the blogs  I read, think about and occasionally join in. Some of them  have it a load more figured out than I do, some of them I agree with more often and on more points than others, but all of them help me in the figuring it out process (even when it’s to think “well I don’t agree with that“!) Lots of these guys (that’s an inclusive use of  ‘guys’ by the way!) tweet too, it’s amazing how much theology & life you can get into 140 characters 🙂


One Response to “Blogging on belief, thoughts on theology…”

  1. You have just made me think – must sort and update my blogs too!! Lovely to hear your thoughts again.

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