Link Love

I’ve been tagged by TimG at Friends’ Meeting House in a challenge begun by David at Lingamish You’re supposed to tag  people who have commented on your blog, and link to their blogs, copying the list  from your tagger – if I understand David correctly, so here’s  the list TimG posted

Radical Evangelical
Revise Reform
Peter Ould
David Keen
Pluralist speaks
Phil’s Treehouse
Jane Stranz

and here’s mine

Trying to find Me

Friends’ Meeting House

The Lazy Seamstress

The Genius Academy

Emerge and Be

The Lowedown

Priests and Parents


The idea guys is that you now tag some of *your* commenters! Share the link love!

small print: I have read many but not all of the blogs tagged by others and I don’t endorse or necessarily agree with everything posted on them, but I may do…


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