Rocking my world

On Easter Monday we packed ourselves up ( tight turnaround after EasterSchool given how busy Sunday was… all good practice!!) and did that traditional clergy (in training) post-Easter getaway!

We were on a narrowboat for 4 days with friends from church here for her 40th celebrations, with us were other friends of hers, he a vicar, also doing that post Easter escape thing! 6 adults, 11 children, 2 boats!

It was a lot of fun, the weather ( bar Thursday when it poured down) was gorgeous, the children, two groups of whom had never met before, were fantastic ( even Ben, source of much pre holiday angst for Mr FF, understandably, 3 year olds + boats = stress, but no, he was fantastic ) Keeping the close in age siblings on separate boats helped of course! 11, 12 and 13 girls on one, 8, 9 and 10 year olds on another – bliss! Feeding all 11 of them together on one boat was fun, but did enable the 6 adults to have civilised evenings together later.

Many locks ( 17 in one day on the Wednesday) and hot cross buns, cups of tea and glasses of wine later we parted company, the hosts to welcome more friends on board for the weekend, the rest of us back to real life (and in Mr Ff’s case to an early morning flight to Las Vegas). I’ve been home alone with all four for a week now, with a ski tan, post-motion vertigo ( hence the title!) and an essay to finish. I am pleased to report that the tan still exists, the PMV has almost worn off a week later, the essay is in the envelope and Mr Ff is at the airport 🙂

Assorted pictures follow – taken with an inadequate camera phone!


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  1. revisingreform Says:

    ‘ loved reading this – thank you -made me smile – great writing

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