the bag is dead, long live the bag

About 7 years ago we were on holiday in Cornwall with my parents, and I saw a lovely hand sewn bag,I think it was in the shop at Eden, made from woven wool, slighty felted, like old blankets. It wasn’t cheap, nor was it “perfectly” made but it was lovely; the textures and shape appealed to me. Later that day my mum presented me with a parcel that contained the bag..awww. It’s been well used, and a little while back I overdyed it from it’s original pinks & blues, to a palette of greens & teals. It’s one of those bags that fits loads in, but never seems too big when it’s empty either. But like all good things, my loved bag is coming to an end 😦 Last weekend at college the strap began to thin and developed a tear in the wool, there are worn patches and holes in it,developing all of a sudden. Repair work isn’t working, as the now fragile fabric can’t take the strain of stitches & patches.
So, sad as I was, I decided that I needed a replacement. I have more bags than I know what to do with, but that particular one needed replacing. I was in Ikea last week and I decided to look for fabric, I found some, and I also found wool blanketing cushion covers! I picked the orange & red one to line the bag, which I made in a very similar shape, just slightly wider than my old favourite. The lining was a patchwork of the felt, I think I used almost every scrap of the cover somehow. It’s not perfect as the original wasn’t, but I used it today and I feel like Ive caught the spirit of that bag, in different fabric and with a different feel, but still with that useful shape and gorgeous wool

pics-024I’ll try & get some better pictures later perhaps, I’m pleased with the details on this; the patchworked top stitched felt lining & the 3d top stitching on the outside of the bag in particular.


2 Responses to “the bag is dead, long live the bag”

  1. qualityten Says:

    This catches exactly what I was trying to say about fixin’ things in my blog, though I didn’t think of the option of ‘making another one that catches the spirit of the original’. (I guess that’s a problem with electronics.) But the principle is something about honouring things that were well made in the first place.

  2. It’s a lovely bag! You are very clever in recycling it! 🙂
    Mrs.P xx (Autumn)

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