Slipping through my fingers…

There’s something about this time of year, the diary seems to be filling up rapidly. All but one of my children are making a Big Transition in September, Ben starts school, Charlie goes into the Juniors, and Ruthy makes the big leap to secondary school, even Kate who thinks she isn’t making a big jump, really is, as she enters her last year in Primary. The result of all this right now is Meetings. Just when I’d legitimately got rid of lots of church meetings for the duration of my training, the school ones seem to be coming thick & fast. Attending my 4th and last Reception Year welcome meeting was amusing though rather than emotional Ben has the rather wonderful teacher that Ruthy and Charlie both had in YR so I’m very happy, and she doesn’t seem too worried (yet!). Ben’s certainly not 🙂
Everyone tells me that your last child starting school is emotional, that I *will* be there sobbing at the school gates. Well, they told me that when the first one began, 7 years ago, and I wasn’t sniffing into my hankie then and I really am not expecting to this time – ask me again in September. Starting secondary school however is another matter – no! I am not old enough to start with, nor can she be! for goodness sake, I remember her only yesterday learning to walk!
She’s ready though, tiny as she is, and I’ll wave her off in September trying to ignore the Abba soundtrack in my head.


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