Someone stole 5 months….

I’ve just put up the family newsletter on here and realised it is exactly 5 months since I last posted… how on earth did that happen? I’ve frequently thought – “haven’t blogged in a while” but really, 5 months?

There have been a hundred posts begun in my head, ideas thought about, turned over, and tossed away again, or just swept out in the stream of life stuff that goes through my head on a  regular basis.

It’s been a whole summer ( New Wine, France, pony week for Kate,) and a new term, (first days for Ruthy and Ben  at secondary school and primary school respectively)  It’s been  start of my second year as an Ordinand, Charlie starting Juniors, Kate starting year 6, Mr FF stripping down another old Sierra and planning to build another car. It’s been a BBQ September, Glorious October and very wet November. It’s been four birthdays and an anniversary, one enagement ( Uncle Si and the lovely ( known here as) Anna. It’s been all this and more – so maybe it’s just life happening that’s curtailed the blogging, but whatever, I’ve missed it. and I’ve broken the silence now!

Ben’s first day at school!

ps if you are a regular reader  -FB or Twitter friend and I haven’t sent you the newsletter password, do ask..


2 Responses to “Someone stole 5 months….”

  1. Hope you can do a bit more next year.

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