Nice Day for a White Wedding…

(Uncle) Si & Anna’s Wedding was on 9th Jan, right in the middle of all that snow, oh yes! Planned for a small village just outside Oxford, the church had to be changed with 24 hrs to go as the village  (and particularly the church on the hill) was inaccessible to vehicles!! Thankfully Anna’s Uncle was marrying them and is an Oxford cleric, so managed to both find a church, and get the Archbishops office into the right gear to get the requisite licence just in time.

We had a wonderful weekend, the children had been off school all week anyway due to the snow, but we had booked them out of school for the Friday, and we drove to Oxford with no problems,roads were  fine once out of the village, we arrived at the base camp hotel on the Banbury road, just north of Wycliffe Hall, and then yomped through the snow into the city for some lunch.  Then we yomped back up the Banbury road to the church in Summertown for the rehearsal and emergency repositioning of flowers & candles. All the collected Niblings were Bridesmaids/Pages so there was a spot of choreography as well as rehearsing the important bits.

Friday evening was a fantastic dinner for family and a few very close friends,. Anna’s mother is Danish and they have a tradition where guests  make up a song, or a poem  for or about the happy couple, everyone gets a copy of the words and tunes are well known ones,so  you end up with a great evening of hilarity, family jokes, teasing, love, celebration and not a few tears!! It was a great way to meet the ” other family” for both sides, and meant we all felt that we knew each other well by the Saturday. It turns out we have lots of mutual friends and connections anyway, so it didn’t feel like two  separate families much  anyway!

We’d all mostly taken over the hotel, so Saturday breakfast was a very sociable time, and left a reasonable amount of time to get all those bridesmaids & pages ready, for the ushers to go & have lunch, for photos and  a whole host of other bits. Mr FF ferried bridesmaids in impractical but lovely silver slippers, (well the girls were in the slippers, he ferried them in the car…) and  lots of others who preferred not to walk, to the church, the snow was gorgeous, very sparkly and white and the children were all sparkly too,

The service was fabulous, they’d picked the overarching theme of Grace & Truth,   the hymns were really good, great talk by Anna’s BIL, I read from John 1. In lots of ways it reminded me a lot of our wedding. Great stuff 😀

and then  into the centre of Oxford to the reception at St Cross (incidentally academic home of one my historian heroes Diarmiad MacCulloch)

it was a wonderful day -and the mad pair jetted off to SA the next day when part of their itinery included a triathlon!! only Marathon man….:D


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