Hooking your way to happiness

Or at least to a state of mental equilibrium. I had a pretty horrid day yesterday that put me in no mood by late afternoon to do any more work or much at all  for that matter. So I started hooking, and by bedtime I’d done two beanies for the girls, one with a heart on it for Ruthy and one plain for Kate. I love having a yarn stash that can provide me with what I need  for this kind of therapy!!

I only started to crochet at all in January  (one way to keep your NY resolution is to have mastered the art  you chose to learn, by lunch time on 1st!) so I’m quite pleased with  myself! I have innumerable other projects on the hook  of course, being far more of a starter than a finisher when it comes to crafting!


One Response to “Hooking your way to happiness”

  1. They’re lovely! nothing better than a bit of crafting therapy…

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