didn’t do it then, won’t do it now

Back in the 80s  there was a campaign to get a single by the Christian group Heatbeat into the charts. To be honest I can’t recall if people were ambitious enough to aim for number 1 or if it was just a chart thing, but here’s the thing..


There, I said it.  Yes I was a Christian ( still am!) but no I wasn’t participating in a hyped up thing to artifically get  a track I wasn’t even keen on into the charts just. because. it. was. by . christians.

I was at university, the whole campaign was cringemakingly embarrassing and I refused to get involved (and that was a bit more  visible then & there than just clicking ignore on a FB group invite!)

I got slammed for it,  I got accused of being a party pooper, less than enthusiastic about evangelism or the Gospel, accused of being ashamed of Jesus!

( now OK I’ll admit to being a bit ashamed of the song, but of Jesus? NO)

My motivation for not buying into the current “get this song by Delirious? into the charts this Easter  cos it’s Chrstian music” is pretty similar – there are a few added levels maybe just cos I’m older, I hesitate to say ” more mature thought” but that’s maybe it!

The reaction I’m getting from many though is pretty much the same 😦 How depressing.

It’s not even a particularly great song, it’s terribly ” I wanna” rather than ” we’re gunna” ( did you know that  the letter starting off  the majority of modern songs is “I”?)

I like delirious? I like Martin Smith as a singer and a worship leader, this is nothing to do with him or them (  not that they exist as a band anymore but anyway…)

I just can’t bear this ghettoization of music, this inability to see God’s creative hand in stuff that doesn’t come with a subculture label,

I read someone say that it was the best chance we’ve had in years to stand up for what we believe in – or words to that effect -well  no it’s not. Living your life with integrity as a Christian, praying, being ready to give a reason for the hope you have -*they*’re the chances to stand up for what you believe in, and they happen every single day of life.

Because other people’s words often say far more eloquently what you would like to say, I’d like to also direct you to some other blog posts on the subject –




thanks guys 😀


One Response to “didn’t do it then, won’t do it now”

  1. Amen FF you are definately not alone, our household agrees with you whole heartedly – and Mr D remembers the uni days too (too early for me ;o)) and he got the same flack as you then.

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