Little drops of clarity

Or  something…

There’s lots  to reflect on and chew over on placement,  theologically, socially,missiologically ( is that a word?!, anyway..) I’m also in the car 30 -60 miles a day at  the moment, so there’s ( sort of) time to let things permeate a bit.

I keep having these  moments when suddenly something is very very clear, like a crystalised bit of understanding, a raindrop refracting the sunshine into structured and ordered patterns and colours, reflecting and gathering everything from around. It hangs in front of me, tantalising, like that reached for word on the tip of your tongue, and then it goes, before I can write it down or even turn it over in my head more than once.

Frustrating – but I hope that what is happening is that all those little drops of revelation are gathering together somewhere inside, a pool of understanding and resource to draw on maybe next week maybe next year, or next decade. Perhaps it doesn’t matter that I can’t catch and savour each individual drop, just that they’re there, waiting.


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