Gotta have a pocket or two

Today’s Yesterday’s, (I’ve just realised the time!!) mini project was an internal pocket for this bought ( I know i know) bag which was otherwise fabulous ( colour, size, feel…and it was Fairtrade too, from a women’s development project…) anyway, it had no pockets, and to be honest I was scrabbling around for small stuff more than I had been in my big Ikea print bag ( so boo hiss to those people who were rude about the size of it, you know who you are…. 😉 ) -and writing this has made me realise I didn’t blog about that project… I thought I had…!

I made a lined, zippered pouch, it stands alone so if I ever want to I can remove it and it’s a makeup bag or pencil case or whatever… and then I slipstitched it to the ( single layer) bag – it does show a bit at the back, but not hideously. It’s lightly padded wih a fusible fleece which while it makes it a tad bulkier does make it ideal for my phone & ipod and other more delicate bits & bobs.

So that’s only one pocket… a narrow pen/specs pocket may appear tomorrow…. the eternal quest for the perfect internal bag configuration continues 😉




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