This was the card I bought my Dad this Fathers’ Day.

When I was a teenager I got frustrated sometimes by his insistence that I could aim higher, improve my grades, shoot for the difficult goal. (no dad I really don’t want to do Maths A level… ever…) Perhaps with the innate laziness of youth I just wanted to kick back  occasionally!!  Looking back he wasn’t really nagging, but what he did was make me see I had a lot to offer and set the foundations for me to believe in myself  ( That bit took a while though….!). It wasn’t just school work either. He encouraged me across the board, and especially in what I was doing in church and  the beginnings of leadership skills that were learnt  in Scouting,  and in youth work.   I’m sure it has been his unwavering belief, not in my abilities per se, but in my ability to go for it that has helped me take big steps in my life, believing somehow  it would be ok.  Applying to Cambridge was certainly one, and then there’s the Very Big Thing I’m doing now!  I don’t think up to now I’ve been fully aware of dad’s part in this,  it’s been less about specific advice,  just that unwavering belief. Maybe it was seeing  this card and realising it was perfect that has helped me see the bigger picture – but  in any case, Thanks Dad, and Happy Fathers’ Day!


One Response to “Dad”

  1. My Father’s Day card to my dad this year read ‘The older I get, the wiser my father seems to get’.

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