Mine’s a pint, and turn the rugby on will you?

Yesterday turned up a couple of very different but related blog posts and subsequent discussions on gender – and more than a few spin off posts.

Lesley blogged initially on the  seeming dearth of UK based Female Christian bloggers.  You can read her post, but it seems that very few women are represented in the ranks of ” religious” bloggers – the comments following dissect this some more,  there are probably a zillion reasons, some innocuous, others less benign. Many women blog quite ecclectically,  this blog started as a crafting/art showcasebut as my life has changed so has it, you’re still quite as likely to see a post on knitting, or sport or music  as any sort of theological reflection.

Here's some Non-Theological Reflection

Many blogs, whoever writes them, simply don’t fit into categories ( perhaps like their authors?!)

The questions were raised as to whether women have less time to blog, ( not *really* sure why women have less actual time than men or whether it might be more about what you make time for)

or have less confidence about being  “out there” than men. (Again, I don’t see that as a gender divide, some women are confident about publishing their opinions, some men are not, it’s hard to analyse whether a lack of confidence in women might be down to sociological constraints or purely personality.)

Other suggestions were that women are less techy than men and therefore don’t know how to submit to Wikio etc…(err that one quite frankly leaves me flummoxed.. ” less techy?”   As far as I can see there is less effort technical or otherwise  involved in submitting to Wikio than in getting a blog template set up in the first place)

or  that they are just less competitive and so not bothered about rankings.

With the possible exception of generic female underconfidence caused by years of social conditioning to be a nice inoffensive  little girl, I can’t see that any of these really innately apply more to women than they do to men **simply because of their gender** I think if we’re led to believe they do, time & time and time again it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I personally  like David’s attitude here. It really shouldn’t matter – other than for context perhaps.

If I do something, I want to do it well ( yes I have a competitive streak, strike 1 at that argument) but the last thing I want is   to be considered particularly differently because I am female. I’d rather not get a job because I am not quite good enough, than get it because my XX has trounced the XY of the slightly better qualified candidate sat next  to me.  I don’t want to be good ” for a woman” I want to be good, or not, whatever, but on a level playing field.

( ok maybe except on the rugby playing field… I could do without being brought down by 16 stone of full back if you don’t mind!)

I’m coming from two fairly female heavy domains, primary teaching and  primary domesticity, and entering one which is still pretty male dominated. If I’m honest, I feel this as something of a relief! I’m aware there are and will be battles and issues, but I’d rather be in  this place, than conforming to stereotype, and  I’ve always preferred hanging out with the lads,  my best friends have been and still are male – (though my girlfriends are vital and God-given just the same) I’ve been to probably nearly as many stag nights as hen nights!

It’s all I think a case of treating people as themselves and not trying to categorise them by gender, or any other attribute, and not assume that because they like Z it’s because they are M or if they’re M they’ll automatically like Z.

This was dealt with  humorously on Dave Walker’s Cartoon Church blog where some important points were made in the comments.   The Mens’ group thing is a discussion we have quite often here -MrFF  co-runs one; I don’t have an objection, its got many of the husbands of women from church that bit more involved, whether socially or spiritually. I don’t suppose they’d really object if  I turned up at their curry & ale night ( but I’m at college that weekend)! I do object more to the more strident exclusive theology that *can* emanate from men only groups – but that’s a different post I think – ( and not applicable to MrF’s group, though they’ve had visiting speakers who have come close to the edge..)

The comments on Cartooon Church cheered me enormously, clearly there are more than a few women out there who prefer the pint & curry  millieu to the cardmaking & chardonnay.  I still refuse to be categorised though… I  took delivery of some rather gorgeous purple suede high heels today!

they go really well with a  proper pint , chicken madras and Quins or Scotland playing…


One Response to “Mine’s a pint, and turn the rugby on will you?”

  1. Having found that Cartoon Church post for the first time from this blog, I have to say it cheered me enormously too. A friend was telling me over Christmas about a women’s conference some of her friends had attended and that aside from the teaching, it seemed to be about ‘pampering’ and getting your nails done. Give me curry and a pint any day (nothing wrong with stereotypically feminine interests – as you say, I do like a good pair of shoes, but ‘pampering days’ are not for me).

    I don’t have a problem with men/women only groups but as you say, some dodgy theology can take hold within them.

    Good to find your blog btw 🙂 Am finding lots of great blogs written by Christian women this week as a result of Lesley’s post!

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