Resigned to it….

It’s 3 months this weekend just past until ordination, and as a result we’re hitting that time when colleagues are making the practical changes… school applications…. arranging house moves… resignations…!

Some of these are ordinands, some spouses with a changed role… either way, I’m feeling a bit left out 😉 so I pondered what it might be like if I tendered a letter of resignation from my current role… after all, I’ve been doing it for 14 years, and, well… there’s a serious point or two in there about how many roles we carry, and how easy or not it might be to lay them down, and should we…?

(as background you have to know that on Facebook I currently describe my occupation as Senior Project Manager at **** Family Logistics)

ps it seems as good a time  as any to say that MrF has now formally had the goahead to reduce his hours to half a week. 2 days of which will be office based. This will be from the last week of June. He’s a massive STAR… he always said  he’d do this, it’s taken a bit of a twisty bumpy path  for his employers to get there  but ” there” we all are now and I am hugely grateful to him  for  it.


One Response to “Resigned to it….”

  1. So pleased with Mr F’s news, and your letter is very heart wrenching, love and prayers xxxxx

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