I’m taking part in #EasterLIVE a project on Twitter to retell the story of Holy Week and Easter

I’ve set up a new twitter account @mariammagdalene to take part in it as my personal one is protected and this doesn’t work with the sharing & RTing this project involves.

What I’m also attempting to do is blog each day a fuller account, filling in the tweets and reflecting on the  unfolding story.


#MaryMag everyone’s high, but I’ve got a knot in the pit of my stomach. I want to keep him safe, it feels dangerous out there#EasterLIVE

Argh Crowds..” no! I have no idea where that rumour came from but I am NOT that kind of girl… never have been”. #marymag#easterlive

I know this is important but I’m feeling conflicted. part of me wants to cheer & wave, but I’m struggling to let go #marymag #easterlive

the guys & I would like some time, just him & us, now. Plan is to head to Bethany for tonight, Mary & Martha are stars #marymag#easterlive

What a day, Jesus seems so purposeful, there’s always a calm determination, but crumbs I’d not seen quite that grit before. Donkeys? what was going on? The guys were scattering around doing what they were told. I felt excited, caught up in it all, not really knowing what ” it all” might be, but deep down  there was a real knot in my stomach. I’m still not sure what that’s about. It just doesn’t feel safe, we’ve had enough grief the last few weeks from  a few people who seem to like stirring up trouble – mostly the pious religious types,  you know the ones who don’t seem to possess humour or creativity and get upset when other people do. They tend to be a bit arsey about me too, yeah well I’m a girl…get over it…

Anyway… making a big entrance into the city at the start of Passover, when there’s all this tension around? feels a little bit out there to me! but hey -I do trust him, gosh do I trust him.

I’m not a big fan of crowds, especially noisy rowdy already slightly pissed holiday crowds… There’s quite a few around who we recognise too, some of them are spreading rumours again, somehow some tale has got going about what sort of girl I really am..  total load of rubbish it is, but its one of those that clings, and I guess being a girl on my own hanging out with the guys doesn’t help it – but I’m not changing who I am because of the rumour mill… I know and he knows and that’s all that matters -they’re all just jealous ( and I’d love to tell them that  even if I was that sort of lass I’d not demean myself by going with them for any money! that’d wipe the smile off them)

in the meantime, it’s veil on, head down and slapping a few hands off as I go. I do wish he wasn’t over there on that donkey though, I need him a bit closer… that’s really selfish though, got to let him do what he needs to do…

I’m a bit overwhelmed by today -we’re off to Bethany later for supper, and to stay with Mary & Martha, they’ve been such stars – I get on well with them, feel sorry for Mary though – she does get confused with me, and gets some of the flack too -hardly fair is it? It’ll be great just to be us again for a bit, but I have a feeling this isn’t going to be an easy week.


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