and I quite fancied figs for breakfast too…and some peace & quiet… fat chance #marymag #easterlive

staying close,as much as I can..-its quite heated & angry but exciting too.real sense of purpose, proud to be with him #marymag#easterlive

spending time w/ his mother mary 2day, she’s helped me so much, and she’s so proud of him, so supportive, so faithful #marymag #easterlive

After yesterday today felt very odd, we came back into the city from Bethany, Jesus had been quite relaxed during the evening but this morning he’s all pent up and tense again, not in a bad way but just preoccupied, as if he has an appointment none of us know about but he needs to get to.
He suddenly lost it on the road and did this really wierd thing, cursing a tree; it’s not like it was in the way or dropping awfully squidgy fruit on the path like they do sometimes, but he just yelled at it and the freaky part is it just withered & died.
We’ve all seen him do amazing stuff, making people better, gosh even last week and Lazarus!…still can’t quite get my head round that one… but killing a tree?? Its all a bit surreal.

I  know I’m one of the lucky ones in this group really, he talks to me, just quietly as we’re walking along, its reassuring. I guess at least I know he’s still the same person as he was last week even with everything kicking off…
I wish I could change things for him, the harsh words he’s getting, this feeling of inevitability about “something”.
But in the meantime I can just be here and listen. I planned to stay close today, and I was right to I think.
He was in the temple for a bit -in the outer courts, where its like a market, he was talking to groups, like a lot of the teachers do, bit of heckling, as you’d expect, and an odd buzz round the outer edges, like people were talking and whispering, paying attention, but not….
Suddenly he turned angrily at the market traders, con-artists a lot of them are, but still… he totally lost the plot, flipped their tables over, yanking down the stalls, the canopies….. there was chaos for a few seconds, you can imagine…doves & goats all loose suddenly, and yelling traders, little kids running all over the show. He yelled into the chaos and it calmed down, spookily almost. He ranted at them , but with control, it wasn’t raving like a madman, but  kind of powerful… he told them it was like a den of thieves rather than a house of prayer, well.. that’s true enough, but the thing that got everyone was that he kept on referring to ” my father’s house”. That rattled people.
It’s been an odd day for sure…another one! I’m getting the chance to spend more time with Mary, his mother though. She’s amazing, she’s been so so good to me, helpful, wise, just what I’ve needed this last year or so, goodness knows what my mother would make of all this, and what she sees as my need to abandon everything to go treking after “that bloke”. Mary’s great though, and such an honour to hear her stories of when Jesus was born, gosh, and before… such amazing faith & trust . Between us we’re here for him, we may not always understand what’s going on, but we know he’ll talk at least, and he’s got our support -I’m just so grateful to both of them.

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