prep’ing for Pesach altogether, in Jerusalem, wow! Still hoping the odd buzz is festival high spirits, but I wonder… #marymag#easterlive

jesus seems calm again, getting some time with him today while the guys rush round getting stuff ready. I need this 🙂 #marymag#easterlive

Time to go eat… the guys have done well, no I’m not serving yes I will be there anyone got a prob with that?? good…#marymag#easterlive

washing feet, even mine.. upside down, inappropriate counter-everything…love.. crying like I can’t imagine stopping #marymag#easterlive

never known a meal like this…so poignant, so symbolic. we’re not waiting for the Messiah any more I don’t think .. #marymag#easterlive

“my body, given for you” why does this make me so sad & so full of joy all at the same time. this is hard to understand #marymag#easterlive

“my blood, shed for many” that’s death & life in one. shedding implies death but blood=life, that’s why we don’t eat it #marymag#easterlive

judas left early… can’t he sit still for an entire meal? #marymag#easterlive

a walk… after sunset? what’s going on?…guys want me to stay back, but there’s no way… I’m staying close whatever #marymag#easterlive

praying…staying awake..marginally better than the boys at that one… Jesus is very agitated, and praying by himself #marymag #easterlive

I’m really scared, beginning to wish had stayed home now. occasionally the “honorary bloke” status needs letting go of#marymag #easterlive

crying, wandering dazed, they came for him, soldiers.arrested, swords..why? what now? what do I do? #marymag #easterlive

they say he’s at the High Priests house, I’m heading there, I know this isn’t safe but I can’t abandon him now #marymag #easterlive

outside the High Priest’s- no idea what’s going on,but I can feel he’s near, P’s managed toget in the yard, looks awful #marymag#easterlive

Just saw Jesus being led out… Can’t describe his eyes… Sad/calm/ resigned? He just looked at P…who crumpled…#MaryMag#easterlive

My eyes hurt -so sore and scratchy from crying.. #MaryMag#easterlive

the city is in turmoil, even on a festival there’s never this amount of activity at this hour, I’m hanging in there #marymag #easterlive

time frozen & time rushing- high priest jewish leaders roman governor crowds soldiers.-dizzy & bewildered, headaches,#marymag #easterlive

After yesterday’s ridiculous activity I decided to be sensible today – I wasn’t doing any one any favours, and Jesus asked the guys to get the room sorted for the passover tonight, there are mutterings about me being there -but that’s tough, isn’t Pesach about family? aren’t we family? and most of all celebrating our freedom with Jesus who has already given me so much freedom, is something very special. Its been generally a quieter day, I’ve had the chance just to sit with Jesus a bit – not many words passed between us, but they’re not that necessary. He seems so tired, and yet there’s something steel like, determined about him. Never once does he lose his ability to care though and to make me feel special. Supper feels poignant, I’ve never experienced a passover like it -I wonder, perhaps…. maybe we’re not waiting for the Messiah any more? He started by washing our feet!! yes like a slave, and yes even mine, a woman… that was so precious, so counter cultural and shocking that I was in tears, and he just wiped those away too, I love him so much.

During the meal, he spoke of his body being broken and blood shed, -he said the bread  and wine were his body and his blood. This sounds like death -and yet blood is life…. my mind is so bewildered! After supper we went out to the mountain garden, walking in the city at night is not recommended, but there was no way I was staying behind , no way at all. Jesus walked a bit further ahead to pray, he asked  us to pray  too… at least I didn’t fall asleep like the guys did -too much wine perhaps?!! We were all there except Judas who had left early, he seemed very agitated, and had had a really strange conversation with Jesus during supper.

This distant Jesus is hard, I want to be with him so much, all I can do is sit here and pray, that sense of forboding is back, perhaps its just this dark garden, but honestly nothing is normal at the moment, and I can’t make much sense of it.

Suddenly though the garden isn’t dark, its on fire,  what’s happening?? its soldiers! SOLDIERS?! with flaming torches and swords and Oh MY… JUDAS? He walks up to Jesus and kisses him… I don’t think he’s ever done that before, and then as if it was a signal, the soldiers arrest him… they’re taking him away, it’s chaos and mayhem, swords flying everywhere as the guys panic, and run…. I’m not running, but I’m afraid to say I’m keeping my head down, and out of sight, I know what soldiers are like, and a lone young woman in a garden at night….well lets just say they’d all assume I was asking for it anyway.

I made my way to the High Priest’s house,  there was quite a crowd around, and I hung round in the shadows, Peter had managed to wangle his way into the courtyard, but I stayed out the way, goodness knows what happened to time tonight, I’m sure I lost hours in crying and wondering -we went from Caiaphas’s place to the Roman Governor’s at some point in the night, trials happening supposedly, but gosh, the pain, the tantalizingly glimpses of him through the crowds, the longing to run through and touch him, let him know he wasn’t abandoned, on his own. I must have looked like  madwoman as it was though, tired tearstained eyes, so risking attention? well I took the cowards way, and felt  terrible for it, but I stayed close, as close as I could dare. My love, I won’t abandon you, I’m here, just as you are for me.


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  1. I think your Mary Magdalen tweets are terrific. Are you planning to continue this theme on your blog after Easter?

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