I think I’ve drifted all over the city, lost hours confused and crying but Jesus is at the roman govs house now #MaryMag #easterlive

Pilate seems confused, and very agitated, keeps referring back to the religious leaders. He can’t decide what to do. #MaryMag#easterlive

Beaten, my love, beaten like a thief or a murderer, have they no idea? G-d where are you?! #MaryMag #easterlive

They really intend to execute him! He’s carrying his cross beam thru the city!! I think I might die too #MaryMag #easterlive

What a walk … Slow and so hard.. My heart is breaking #MaryMag#easterlive

Crowds gathering at Golgotha – it’s obscene , death as entertainment! Joy in cruelty. This hurts so much #MaryMag#easterlive

I’ve found mother Mary and John, thank goodness…#MaryMag#easterlive

Nails blood sounds agony of mind as well as body #MaryMag#easterlive

He astounds me, still so much love in all his pain. Care for his friends and his mother #MaryMag #easterlive

It is finished… He’s finished… What? My Love, my Lord #MaryMag#easterlive

Empty and bereft. What now? Need silence and tears and friends, a friend #MaryMag #easterlive

s’one has offered to bury Jesus b4 the Sabbath final, but at least we’ll know where he is, we can visit later.#marymag#easterlive

so many tears, so much heartache, I feel so alone, so empty#marymag #easterlive

How can I talk of today, how many layers of time and emotion? Events blur, small sections I remember with eye searing clarity, like hot sun on desert rocks.

The beating, and the sound of flesh scored,

The stumbling walk up the road through the city, he kept to the path only by the efforts of those stood at the roadside. Blood & dust mixed at his feet.

Golgotha -noon heat, the sound of nails,the screams, the stench of the rubbish pits, the bloodlusty crowd

My love, bleeding, but still loving, forgiving, embracing; me, the world.

and then the dark….


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